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Why would anyone take forty hours or more to write an article to help newbies find suitable banjos? Wouldn’t it be easier and more profitable just to sell banjos outright or accept advertising from banjo vendors for representing ONLY their products? But I believe in giving as many people access to playable banjos as I possibly can, and for many people, that means at least considering the used banjo market.

Our new article “Shopping for Used Banjos” provides more details than you’ll probably ever need, but I want to help you miss the “land mines” and find the “treasure,” that is, if it’s even out there where you live. In some cases, it isn’t and you’ll discover that your only local or regional options are used student banjos that cost just as much as the same banjo would cost you new on Amazon or Musician’s Friend. Nevertheless, I want to give you every tool to make certain that if you do find good candidates, you can evaluate them properly.

I’ve personally bought at least 14 banjos used (I may have lost count), so I believe in the used marketplace. But I know banjos inside and out and I know what to look for. Also, I don’t usually shop for beginner instruments – I NEVER buy an outright beginner instrument without getting my hands on it first, and going over the same things I list in the article.

If after going through my article to learn as much about banjo construction and condition as you can, you decide that none of the used banjos you have access to fit your needs, fine; there’s always online shopping. But if you find something that’s worth considering, this should help you make certain you’re getting the value you deserve out of your choice.

So check out “Shopping for Used Banjos”.

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