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Paul writes a lot more about music topics than he writes about his own music, including dozens of articles about instrument choices, maintenance, and playing, and many more about related topics. His music-oriented web pages include:

  • Our Click to see the Creek don't Rise Home page.Creek Don’t Rise site started out commemorating the history and songs of America’s heartland. It has since expanded to include instrument reviews, playing and maintenance tips, and much more.

  • The Click to visit the Creek Don't Rise discussion forums.CreekDontRise.com forums provide a place for questions and answers about learning and playing acoustic and traditional music. Career topics and a humor forum are also growing rapidly.

  • Our Click to go to the Momma Don't 'Low newsletter signup page.Momma Don’t Low e-mail newsletter contains articles and updates about traditional and Americana music.

  • Click to go to the Classic Train Song page.Classic Train Songs is a web page about songs about trains. Song history, lyrics, links to memorable performances, and more.

  • Click to go to the Riverboat Music buyer's guides for musical instruments.RiverboatMusic.com was started to answer “what to buy” questions from readers. Now it gives tips on buying most fretted instruments and a few others.

  • Click to visit the SchoolOfTheRock home page.SchoolOfTheRock.com provides resources for CCM musicians and worship leaders, and – as a result of reader interest – lots of articles about Vintage Saxophones and Contemporary Christian Music.

  • The Click to visit the Family Christmas Online Christmas Music pagesChristmas Music pages from our Family Christmas Online site discuss traditional Christmas songs.

Of course, the following pages are also available through icons scattered around the site, but they seem worth listing here, too.

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