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Paul dressed in period clothes for a event at the Clark County (Ohio) Historical Society.I am a real person. If you’re taking the time to read this, you’re a real person, too. I want to hear from you. I want to share with you. I want to send you any freebies that we’ve mentioned on any of our web pages. I also try very hard to answer every serious question from every real person who contacts us within a reasonable period of time.

Snail Mail Contacts – If you have something to mail, you can send it to me in care of:

Paul Race
BreakThrough Communications
2991 Fowler Rd.
Springfield OH 45502

Momma Don't 'Low™ is a program that support followers of our music-related web pages, including Creek Don't Rise™, Classic Train Songs™,™, and Signups – If you like acoustic and traditional music and you’d like to be informed about new articles we’ve posted, as well as what Paul is up to these days, please go to the Momma Don’t ‘Low page. There you will learn about joining our free program for fans, writers, performers, and producers of acoustic and traditional music. The primary benefit currently is the free e-mail newsletter that discusses all of those topics above and more. We plan to include other features as time permits.

Questions and Comments for Paul (no signup required) – If you have any kind of question or comment for me, please use the form below.
Thanks in advance for getting in touch – Paul


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Paul Race playing a banjo. Click to go to Paul's music home page.  Whatever else you get out of our pages, I hope you enjoy your music
  and figure out how to make enjoyable music for those around you as well.
  And please stay in touch!
 – Paul Race
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