Old Songs & Stuff

This is going to be a sort of placeholder for old recordings I’ve come across. Some of them are surprisingly good; some are surprisingly bad. Many were recorded with sixties-era reel-to-reels that you could record on one side at a time, like a 2-channel “multitrack.” A few were recorded with early 4-channel home recording reel-to-reels by companies like Dokorder.

There was no signal processing except for EQ and (sometimes) spring reverb.

The live recordings were generally recorded by someone holding a cassette recorder in the front row.

They are what they are. If I live another 30 years, I might go back and re-record all the old songs properly, plus record all the songs I never recorded in those days. I sing and play better now than I did then, plus I write better songs, generally. Plus home recording technologies have put powerful tools into everyone’s reach, so any recording I do now is bound to sound better than these old tapes.

But anyone who remembers attending “Christian coffeehouses” and street fairs and festivals in Ohio between 1972 and, say, 1978 may find these sounds, and some of these songs familiar.

I will provide a little history for each song, if that’s okay.


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