Lots of Christmas Musings

Long before I started this blog (about music), I had a page on a Christmas site listing “musings,” which are short articles about our personal reactions to Christmas and related topics.  If you’re in the mode for some Christmas readings, check out our FamilyChristmasOnline Musings page.

Some musings that I recommend this season are:





  • Why I Need ChristmasWhy I Need Christmas – Paul addresses complaints that Christmas is culturally insensitive, is foolish, or brings back bad memories, then explains why people need Christmas in their lives anyway. New for 2015



  • How Much Do We Really Need, Anyway?How Much Do We Really Need Anyway? – At some point you have to determine that more stuff isn’t going to make your life better, and it just might be making it more complicated than you need. New for 2015






  • Christmas Gifts Gone AwryChristmas Gifts Gone Awry – Shelia’s take on how gift-giving that doesn’t work out the way we planned sometimes works out for the best after all.



  • In Search of Baby JesusIn Search of Baby Jesus – Author Paul Race’s musings about the dime-store nativity figures he grew up with and why they represent his family’s priorities as much as they represent Christmas.










  • Who Speaks for ChristmasWho Speaks for Christmas? – The message of “Good tidings of Great Joy to All People” seems to have got derailed somewhere. Is looking for ways to get offended really the best way to honor all of the best meanings of Christmas?



  • Papa Ted's Magic Window ArticleThe Magic Window – “Papa” Ted Althof’s essay on how our earliest Christmas memories become our most precious. Updated, December 2014



  • Make Your Giving Count TitleMake Your Giving Count – A seasonal flood of requests from scammers reminded me that folks still tend to fall for this stuff, and every year millions of dollars in donation that should have gone to help real people with real needs go instead to any con artist who can tell a good story or scan a heart-wrenching photo into their materials. It would be enough to make me cynical about giving to anybody, if I didn’t know so many real people out there on the front lines helping other real people. How do you know the difference? Follow the money. New for 2014

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Paul Race has been writing and playing all kinds of music since the 1960s, though he tends to favor acoustic and traditional songs. He has created resources like CreekDontRise.com, ClassicTrainSongs.com, and SchoolOfTheRock.com to help other musicians get a good start on their own journeys.

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