Getting Back on that Horse

I was highly active in local and regional music for years, as a songwriter, Folk singer, Rock sax player, Worship Leader, CCM songwriter/singer, and more. Included in that was maintaining a reel-to-reel-based home studio I could use to record my own music and the music of my friends.

Then parenting teens and working some crazy jobs got in the way for a while. You get out of the habit.

Some parts, like playing banjo licks you learned when you were 16, are a lot like riding a bicycle.

Other parts, like getting gigs, performing, and recording are not.

After the last daughter left for college I started easing my way back into it. Starting music web pages, playing local gigs and festivals, etc. But I never really picked up a lot of momentum or recorded enough of my new material. My bad. Like every other musician, 2020 slowed what little momentum I had, though I’ve still been writing songs. But not recording them. When I started trying to set up my “home studio” gear in the new house, I realized that some was just plain worn out, some pieces depended on software that my computers no longer supported, and so on.

Now that things are opening up again, I hope to start making progress, at least on the recording part of it. I’m really a songwriter/singer, not the other way around, and if folks are just looking for good looks and a lovely voice, they will be missing what I do best.

So here’s hoping that I have much, much more content to put here in the coming months.

Starting with a Dayton, Ohio performance that was lined up a year ago and subsequently put off until this year. It’s not a major performance, its part of a big “front porch” festival on August 21, more-or-less on the street. But it will be my first time in front of folks for a while, and I’ll count it a “win” if folks stay and listen all the way through. 🙂

Here’s an example of me performing at the same gig a couple years back.

More to come! Have a great summer, all!

– Paul


About Paul

Paul Race has been writing and playing all kinds of music since the 1960s, though he tends to favor acoustic and traditional songs. He has created resources like,, and to help other musicians get a good start on their own journeys.

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