Banjos and Changes of Clothing

I just received an Oscar Schmidt 6-string banjo I don’t really need in trade for another banjo I no longer needed,but which a friend really wanted. So I thought I’d review it for Amazon. While there, I noticed the following lone negative review:


Oscar Schmidt did a HORRIBLE job with the making of this banjo. My husband took it out of the box and tested it for about 10 – 15 minutes and was picking metal shavings out of his shirt for 3 days. I’m not sure if we received a fluke or if the other people rating this Banjo doesn’t know that they are made better than, however, it is definitely not worthy of anything more than 2 stars.

I went ahead and wrote my review, explaining that it is a step above most starter 6-string banjos, similar to the Dean Backwoods 6. Then when I saw that my review had been published, I couldn’t help noticing the negative review above and responding to it.
My comment on the review above:

It is a shame that the factory missed a vacuuming step before they put it in the box. That said, was the instrument playable out of the box? Did have the sound you expected? Was it disappointing as a musical instrument? Also, does your husband always wear the same shirt for three days in a row?

If you want to see the banjo in question on Amazon’s site (and maybe read my review), click here:


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