Paul Race has been writing and playing all kinds of music since the 1960s, though he tends to favor acoustic and traditional songs. He has created resources like,, and to help other musicians get a good start on their own journeys.

Saxophone Sucks

One of the sites I started – – has articles about vintage saxophones, including C Melody saxophones, which some folks use to play in worship bands, because they are better suited for playing in the sharp-heavy guitar keys of most modern worship choruses. I have had many reader questions…

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‘Nudder Christmas Song

I wrote this song with a children’s chorus in mind, at a time I was helping with a stage production of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, and my sister Tess Hoffman was writing a children’s opera based on the story. So the themes are largely the themes of Christmas Carol – Christmas…

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Banjos and Changes of Clothing

I just received an Oscar Schmidt 6-string banjo I don’t really need in trade for another banjo I no longer needed,but which a friend really wanted. So I thought I’d review it for Amazon. While there, I noticed the following lone negative review: ——————————— Oscar Schmidt did a HORRIBLE job…

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